We offer a full range of Shipping related services, including ships' agency, clearing, forwarding, and logistics and act as customs clearing agents through our offices in Tripoli, Khoms, Misurata, Zwara, Benghazi, Tobruk and all other ports in Libya.

Our Mission & Values

We strive to be the trusted partner you can count on every day. We do business with a set of values that are at the core of our company. We will perform our business by being ethically unyielding and honest, inspiring trust by being upfront with our customers and taking responsibility for our actions.

Apollonia Shipping Agency values your business and trust no matter if you are a one person company or a multi-million corporation. You will always be treated with respect, professionalism and honesty.

Our ideas

Pro-active attitude: We want to be part of the solution, be there when the problem appears, and be there at disposal of our customers’ requirements & partners worldwide to re-act immediately. “Attitude makes the difference”. Extreme quality: the quality means to take care of the details and we are there to go always beyond our customer’s needs.

Personalized service: Each customer is, for us, different and we try to adapt our services to their real needs, establishing a personalized “tailor made” for each one. We provide specific and definitive solutions to everyday problems and we resolve them. With this attitude, Apollonia Shipping Agency is not only a shipping agency and/or a freight forwarder but also a group of people committed to work as another extension of our client’s traffic department.


  • We ensure vessels a fast turnaround, claims and stevedores' damages and carry out all activities with maximum efficiency at lowest possible cost

  • We expedite with entrance clearance to all Libyan ports and avoid days of delays

  • We provide high quality and smooth services for cargo handling

  • We avoid and solve any fines or penalties to our customers with Libyans authorities or any other difficulties

  • Any problems with local customs and immigrations

  • We occupied places and storages for our clients in advance before the vessels arrive

  • Any payments that requires

  • We provide additional services for our clients in any port of calls

  • We response e-mails addressed to us without any delays

  • We are always on standby from day of arrival till day of departure 24/7

our team

Our staffs is well qualified to handle the port agency of all types of vessels with many years of commercial and sea going experience. Each person from our team takes the right position - the most suitable to his qualification, experience and personal skills. In other words, everybody is in the right place and this ensures extremely productive teamwork results. Company policy is to promote education and staff training, and consequently raise the standards and ethics within our industry. We aim to offer a professional and transparent service to all our clients and we only work with our sub-contractors who are capable of attaining the same high level of service that we aspire to.